Luggage and Bags

Néit offers neat way to store and track luggage

Losing track of luggage ranks as one of the most annoying parts of traveling by airplane. Having bulky luggage that takes up too much room in the closet, meanwhile, can be a minor annoyance also.

patent-claimedThe collapsible Néit Luggage offers a solution to both of those issues. The accompanying iOS and Android app works in conjunction with a GPS tracker that enables owners of the luggage to locate it, as well as store boarding passes, book additional flights and hotels, check the status of flights, map the route from an airport to a hotel and find location-specific tips on things to do.

Personal Transportation

E*Lution scooter provides the glide for grownups

E'lutionScooters can be an efficient way to get around town, but sometimes you don’t want to show up on their kids’ toys. The Australian developers at E’Lution Have worked to design a scooter that would work for adults to move around in an urban environment. This includes  overcoming a few challenges, which include supporting taller and heavier humans. They also designed brakes that won’t overhea, and they changed the folding mechanisms on the scooter. While their campaign is quite ambitious with a $600,000 goal, they are happy to take donations of any size. But if you want an E’Lution Scooter, be prepared to drop  $275 AUD.