Dunkin’ Buddy descends your cookies into the frothy white sea below

DunkinBuddyIf you’ve ever longed for a way to dunk your cookies virtually hands-free, your heart’s desire has just been satisfied with the patent-pending Dunkin’ Buddy. The cookie dunking device is compatible with nearly all shapes and sizes of standard, pre-packaged cookie found in your favorite grocery store’s cookie isle. And for you ultimate cookie dunking fanatics out there, you can actually dunk up to two cookies at once – one to eat out of each hand. Dunkin’ Buddy functions via magnetic attraction. The cookies go in the cookie holder which is compatible with a standard sized mug, while the magnetized dunking device remains on the outside the cup. And at the ready for the whim of the cookie owner, volia! Dunked delight! For at least $12, backers get one Dunkin’ Buddy in their choice of blue or pink, with an estimated delivery of June 2014.