Court Grabbers keep players from slip slidin’ away

There’s little that’s more annoying on a basketball court than when a tight score is making the game “up for grabs” and a dirty court is making getting traction a near impossibility. Anxious players lick their hands, rub the bottom of their shoes, and hope they don’t get sick later.

Court Grabbers restore traction to shoes in a quick, easy and safe way. Before the game or practice begins, the player laces the base strip onto their shoe once, applies traction gel to the traction pad, and slides it onto the base strip. It clicks in place and stays secure throughout the game or practice. Then whenever traction is needed, the player wipes the bottom of their shoe across the traction pad on the top of their other shoe, and dust, dirt and traction is restored to shoes. This means players have traction available at all times when on the court. When the traction pad gets dirty, just toss into the washer and dryer. It’s not clearly indicated how frequently the product should be washed for optimum game traction results. The product has been declared “permitted for play” by NCAA and NFHS, and is presently being used by players in 42 states and 11 countries.

This product’s appeal will be pretty much limited to its niche market of basketball enthusiasts, aspiring professionals and pro ball players. Backers looking for an easy way to tote all their sports gear might want to check out the Zondo Firefly Backpack campaign, and those looking for a way to monitor and improve their game might want to check out the LUUV campaign. For $15, backers get one product with an expected delivery of February 2015, if the campaign can raise $20,000.