Cyclists will never be stranded on the road with a flat as long as they have a CrankPump

crankpumpWhether it’s a seasoned rider that’s prepared for the worst at all times or a casual cyclist who just likes to ride now and then, nothing sours the experience worse than a flat. CrankPump is a simple tire inflating system that is aerodynamic and easily accessed because it replaces a plastic axle cap found on Shimano brand cranks. Unscrewing that cap and replacing it with a CrankPump gives riders access to a CO2 pump that will get the ride going in just a couple short minutes. This is a great idea for bike-lovers, but because it’s limited to Shimano cranks only, anyone that prefers other models won’t be able to enjoy this product. CrankPump hits the road in February 2015 for £15.