Connected Objects

Spendwallet wants to be all your credit cards

Electronic payment has become a popular way for consumers to shop without having to schlep around a wallet full of credit cards to be used in multiple stores. But mobile payment via a smartphone doesn’t quite solve the problem because Apple Pay and Android Pay require NFC technology that can only be used in a relatively small number of U.S. retail stores. Phones can also ring while trying to pay for something with it or be damaged if the cashier drops it.

Spendwallet is a new alternative -– a slim, pocket-sized electronic payment device that consolidates up to 20 credit, debit and gift cards. It uses magnetic vibration technology like Samsung Pay. Spendwallet’s version of that tech is its self-developed Magnetic Flux Emulation (MFE). The device generates a magnetic field that makes a card reader respond as if a physical credit card is actually being swiped.


The SCURVO credit card tool packs an ax in your slacks

Sure, there are reality shows based on people prepping for the end of days, but most people just want to prep for every day.

The SURVCO credit card ax is forged from stainless steel and has 21 uses. It’s heftier than typical card-style multitools, but still fits easily into a wallet. As the name suggests, it transforms into an ax for tree hacking or door busting, although it does need to be secured to a handle. Campers or hikers are likely to have such items around, but things may be a bit less convenient for the typical urban serial killer. Options include a serrated blade, a seatbelt cutter, a bottle opener, and an arrowhead.  Each card costs $25, and the developer hopes to raise $6,500 by June 19, 2015, with delivery expected August 2015.

Thicker and sturdier than other similar models, this tool could definitely be great for outdoorsy types. It doesn’t seem as practical for city dwellers, and it’s absolutely not TSA approved.