Cullector creates a small shower reservoir to save water, create aromas

Showering is a catch-22 for those who want to save water. It always takes a minute for the water to heat up, meaning that cold water is sent down the drain unused. The Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower seeks to save water while still giving you a hot refreshing shower. Using a reservoir, the cold water initially spat out by the shower is collected while a small amount is let out through the shower head. This allows the dirty user to feel the temperature of the water from inside the shower, without getting scalded or frozen from head to toe. When the water feels just right, pull the lever for maximum water pressure. The cold water that is initially collected is then sucked back up into the shower head so it doesn’t get wasted. The reservoir can be opened and scented oils added for those who want to smell like flowers, pachouli, or other herbs.

Many shower heads boast water-saving techniques, but none have come up with an idea like this. So much water is wasted waiting for the right temperature. The Cullector has fixed a common problem with a simple solution. In addition, water-saving shower heads usually sacrifice water pressure for conservation, making you spend more time in the shower anyway trying to rinse yourself off. The Cullector uses wasted water to add pressure, not only saving water, but also expediting the entire showering process. Backers can pick up this Australian product for $179 AUD (~$157 USD) with estimated delivery set for January 2015. Cullector hopes to raise $10,000 AUD (~$9,000 USD) on Kickstarter.