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Darma smart seat cushion reminds you to take a stand

Back pain, poor posture and lots of lazing around are realities for many folks. Each one of these problems feeds into the other, so it’s hard to break the cycle of discomfort. Darma is a smart seat cushion that doubles as your posture coach. It monitors your sitting habits, posture, breath, and heart rate to give you helpful tips. If you’re slouching, Darma tells you to sit up straight through a smartphone alert. When your heart rate is high indicating stress, it suggests taking a walk to calm down. Similarly, if you’ve been sitting too long, Darma advises taking standing breaks.

Best of all, by collecting data about you specifically, it can give you customized stretches that will alleviate the pain present in different parts of your body. Designed with sleek black leather, it’s unobtrusive and will blend in well with your office chair. One will cost backers a $189 donation on Kickstarter.

Darma is an interesting new take on the type smartphone-powered health assistance we’ve seen a lot of recently. Most of these devices are wearables in the form of clip-ons or bracelets. While we’ve seen previous products aimed at improving posture, Darma blends into its surroundings. The constant alerts may prove to be annoying at first, like a nagging mother telling you to sit up straight. However, the long term health benefits will likely be worth the hassle. All in all, Darma is a great solution for the sedentary and actually one of the least obtrusive solutions to too much sitting.


Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion lets you faceplant in comfort while traveling

Picture 1Leaning your head back on planes or in cars is apparently out of style. Flopping your slumbering head forward is now all the easier with the redundantly named Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion. Designed to hang from the seat in front of you or sit on a tray table, the pillow comes equipped with security straps, air holes and a fan so you can stay cool while avoiding smothering yourself. The cushion goes for $86, which is a lot compared to the similar Skyrest Travel Pillow at only $30, but it seems quite a bit more portable and versatile. The nap accessory hopes to raise $30,000 in its 33-day Kickstarter campaign.