Ginger Beds provides pricey pillows for your precious pup

ginger-beds-mult-beds-1_project-body[1]If you’re of the opinion that the dog beds presently on the market are too boring and ugly for your four-legged family member, Ginger Beds founders would agree. Not only does Ginger Beds offer some unique and colorful options than what can be found online, but the material used to make the bed stuffing is made of 2 liter recycled plastic bottles. The company has also partnered with various community organizations that benefit dogs and people. One such organization includes a non-profit that will handle part of the production process and uses the services of those with disabilities so that they can have meaningful employment and an improved quality of life.

But it will cost you. Ginger Beds come in 24, 36 and 48 inches wide and are made entirely in the USA. For a donation of $160, backers can get the 24 inch bed. Other sizes are available for larger donations. While there are dog beds available for considerably less, Ginger Beds seems to be more oriented toward giving back to the community than your average company. Estimated availability for shipping is May 2014.