All Ready Leash hides neatly in a collar, won’t walk dog for you

Does anyone know where the dog leash is? A leash can get misplaced almost as easily as car keys on those days when families are especially busy. But even on those days, Fido still needs to be able to get out of the house for a while. So in an effort to make life easier, All Ready Leash just combines a leash and collar into one item. All Ready Leash only weighs 1.75 ounces and expands up to five feet. It can be used as a regular non-choke collar or slip collar.

Though it only fits dogs that are 15 pounds and up right now, there is one in the works for smaller dogs. Backers interested in the newest inventions in leashes may also want to check out the LeashMate campaign and Watchdog light up leash campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $4,000 by December 2014. For $18, backers get one leash with an expected delivery of December 2014.

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Bluetooth-connected app control brings color to the collar

The Premise. Nighttime can be rough for dog owners — especially owners of skittish dogs. If a dog runs away under the veil of night, how are you supposed to bring it back to safety?

The Product. A team in Boulder, CO has created a Bluetooth LED dog collar to hopefully make these situations less stressful. While still early in its development and may be useful for those who own multiple dogs, it seems a bit trivial in the grand scheme of things. Upon first glance, the generically named collar looks like any other dog collar save for the LED studs. Once activated via the smartphone app that it talks to, however, the collar quickly illuminates, becoming something out of a science fiction movie. You can create custom profiles for each dog, ensuring that you know who is where if you’re dealing with multiple animals at once. The collar is waterproof and runs off of standard AA batteries. The custom profiles feature is perhaps the most valuable part of the offering. It allows you to create a digital dog tag, and you can share your profiles with others via the Web.

The Pitch. The very basic video — music, poor lighting and artifact-filled audio — sets up the idea that the project owners view the dog collar as something of a frivolous stepping stone before moving on to bigger and better things. The campaign page goes on to show closeups of the product and accompanying Android app; there’s no iPhone support for now.

The Perks. Because the collar uses Bluetooth, it’s perfect for those who use smartphones on a daily basis.  Due to ship in March 2014, the collar will ship to backers for #30.

The Potential. For fawning owners of finicky dogs, this could be a fun product that might end up getting a lot of use. Turn your dog’s collar green for Christmas and orange on Halloween, or  your favorite team’s color on game day. For a connected product, it’s pretty inexpensive and one could easily see it or something like it showing up on the shelves of Petco.