Smart Home

Blueguard smart lock and doorbell lets you welcome guests from across the ocean

Doorbells just aren’t what they used to be. A simple ring to announce a visitor only works when someone is home to actually answer the door. Otherwise, a doorbell is effectively useless.

The Blueguard smart lock and video doorbell system modernizes this part of the home which has been long overdue for an update.

The Blueguard system takes advantage of the prevalence of wireless networks everywhere, offering a deadbolt with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. This, along with an embedded color camera, allows homeowners, from anywhere in the world, to respond to someone at the door through their smartphone or via a web app. If no one’s home, an alert mode can be set whereby a motion sensor and camera will detect and record whoever is at the door, sending it straight back to the homeowner’s smartphone or computer.

All of this technology also allows for a multitude of entry options. Besides a standard key, Blueguard allows for coded entry or, even more interestingly, proximity based, one-touch entry to the home so long as the included Bluetooth fob is in the vicinity of the lock. A standard Blueguard package goes for $199, and includes two keys, two fobs, four electronic keys, four AA batteries, and the Blueguard deadbolt and interior. The $6,000 campaign is looking to ship the product in August 2015.

Although Blueguard claims to be the world’s first smart lock and doorbell, it most certainly isn’t. Other products like the i-Bell, Chui, and airBell also incorporate connected cameras, though Blueguard is the only product which includes a relationship with the lock itself.