Arts Tablet Accessories

Sketchmi lets younguns sketch whatever on their tablets

Many artists have switched over to the tech side of things to become graphic designers. They use software and computers to make art. Still, many would prefer to have the convenience of technology, while still using good old fashioned pen and paper.

Sketchmi brings these two worlds together. This product is essentially a tablet case that’s most compatible with the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3, though it may still work with other models. To use, simply place on the tablet like a case. Add a sheet of paper over the screen to use for tracing a cool picture found on the Internet or from a personal photo library.

Arts Kids/Babies

Real Crayon Maker reuses wax in its tracks

Real Crayon MakerSeems like after a while, there are more broken crayons strewn around a house with school-age kids than whole crayons. The Real Crayon Maker offers an interesting idea that may make for a fun indoor activity on rainy days, or when the kids come inside to warm up after creating backyard snow cities in the coming months. Broken crayons can be melted down in a heat safe system to create new crayons, or the melted crayons can be molded into interesting new shapes and characters.  Seems like something useful to have on hand to offer kids something new to do, but new crayons really aren’t all that expensive if the focus is on replacing the broken ones. The refurbished fun begins with $34, and an expected delivery of November 2014.

Arts Tools

Imbue Creative Tool is the compact Swiss Army Knife of geometric drawing

The Premise. Artists, designers, architects and other creative types use a variety of tools for their drawings. Their lines must be precise and they need accessories to ensure the integrity of their work. When on the go, it is necessary for them to carry around these tools in order to work, but it gets burdensome to be bogged down by so many objects.

The Product. The Imbue Creative Tool is an all-in-one device that combines several different tools in one compact product. Imbue looks like a simple ruler but has markings and holes in it that make it extremely versatile. It has a straight edge for drawing straight lines, markings to draw perpendicular lines like a T-square, a rounded edge, quarter inch markings for measuring, degree markings to draw triangles and several holes to draw circles like a compass. This small tool is made out of aluminum or steel and comes in three different colors. It is designed to be attached to Moleskine notebooks.

The Pitch. The campaign video for Imbue shows someone in a café using the different features of this product to make a drawing. The creators talk about the convenience and finesse of their product and what motivated them to create it. The rest of the campaign goes over the reward tiers, how to attach it to your notebook as well as individual videos demonstrating each of this tool’s features. Imbue hopes to raise a low $8,500 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Early birds can enjoy the Imbue aluminum version for $20 and steel version for $25. The aluminum goes for a regular price of $25 and the steel for $30. Higher tiers offer packages which include Moleskin notebooks. All reward tiers have an estimated delivery date of December 2014. The creators have no clear stretch goals set, but express an interest in producing more colors if they exceed their goal.

The Potential. The Imbue Creative Tool is, like any great product, an incredibly simple idea that is smart and convenient. The creative minds who would use this product do seem to work a lot outside of their offices or studio spaces. There are several other products out there that aim to make drawing and drafting convenient like the 295 Parallel Rolling Ruler, but fail to be flat and small enough to carry around in a small notebook. Imbue takes the best of geometric tools and convenience making it a must-have for creative types and professional illustrato