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Bite helps your Apple EarPod cords hold it together

It’s such a bummer that Apple EarPods seem to break almost as frequently as someone thinks they have come up with an idea for keeping earbuds tangle-free. Part of the reason for the broken earbud issue is that people tend to pull on the earbud cord rather than the plug. So the creators of Bite have come up with a grip in order to reduce incidences of said gripe.

The product is made of allergy-proof silicone, and is shaped to fit the human finger so that the cord is more easily grasped. Bite comes in nine different colors so that it can be used as a way to easily identify which cords go with what–or so that those who are simply anal about having their entire outfit match will be satisfied. Or both.

The earbud grip does seem like it may be useful to those who have trouble grasping the plugs on their devices. Interested backers may also want to check out Mous Musicase, Magclip, and Tiny Earin.  This campaign seeks to raise $4,000. Early bird backers get a three-pack of BITE with an expected delivery of February 2015.