Back to the Backers: The Easy Throw Shovel

Backerjack first met the Easy Throw Shovel just about a year ago. This nifty little invention promised to ease the strains of snow shoveling. By using the weight of the snow, the mechanism is able to fling the snow so the shoveler doesn’t have to. Unfortunately, funding was cancelled for this product before it could reach its goal.

Now, the Easy Throw Shovel is back. Unlike other products that come racing back to the crowdfunding scene after a time of hibernation, the Easy Throw has done little if anything to improve upon their original product. The shovel looks the same and doesn’t boast any new features. However, the price has come down substantially. In the last campaign, the shovel costed backers $72 CAD (~$58 USD), but now backers only need to shell out $48 CAD (~$39 USD), nothing wrong with a little discount. Easy Throw is looking to raise $64,000 CAD (~$51,500 USD) ($8,000 CAD less than their original goal) on Kickstarter.