Energi 2K offers cheap phone charging via battery or flip-out plug

Energi 2KWaiting for gadgets to charge can be inconvenient and time consuming. But there’s little in life that’s more frustrating than a smart phone or tablet that dies when most needed. Energi 2K offers a solution to those days when getting to an outlet or computer to charge a gadget is impossible, but critical. When the charger needs to be recharged, it plugs into any wall outlet, and then the prongs fold down for easy toting.  The brightly colored travel charger is battery operated and has both a USB port and plug for on-the-go charging and is that rare crowdfunding product that beats a lot of competitors on price, in no part due to Tylt  — which previously funded a power backpack — being a more established company than many first-time funding seekers. Early bird backers can get one product for $20 with an expected delivery of July 2014. Expected retail is $39.99.