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DJs and recording artists can finally let loose thanks to the ETHER Transmitter

Ask any DJ, and the biggest hassle they’ll complain¬†about is having to be tethered to their equipment when mixing, something that can’t necessarily be addressed since most Bluetooth adapters on the market aren’t capable f processing audio as quickly as needed. Being wired can lead to embarrassing situations where headphones can become disconnected, and trying to disconnect means wearing cumbersome packs to cut down latency.

ETHER Electronics thought it was time for something new. Its ETHER Transmitter can connect to any pro audio device and be paired with Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, or speakers for the lowest latency audio on the market. It brings down latency to acceptable levels ranging between 10.5ms to 40ms max, making the wireless DJing dream a reality with 15 meters of roaming territory.