Like the celebrity you’re stalking, the Davek Alert Umbrella never leaves your sight

Umbrellas have the unique distinction of being incredibly useful while simultaneously instilling a sense of dread that hangs around its users. After all, once an umbrella is bought, it’s only a matter of time before it gets lost or stolen.

The Davek Alert Umbrella focuses on making sure your umbrella doesn’t get lost at all. By employing an embedded Bluetooth LE beacon at its base, synced to an iOS or Android device of course, the Davek Alert Umbrella alerts users when it finds itself more than 30ft away. The companion mobile app also makes it possible to disable proximity awareness for a specified length of time while also providing usage recommendations depending on the weather.

The umbrella design itself is nothing to scoff at, either. It boasts a zinc alloy handle, a core made of aircraft-grade aluminum and flexible fiberglass, and a water-repellent outer coating. This makes it rigid enough for high winds yet flexible enough to open and close on a dime with its automatic push button system. All of the above pretty much makes this the best umbrella one could ever buy. Backers can grab their own for $99, and expect it in September 2015 provided the campaign hits its target of $50,000 by April 12, 2015.