Décor Flame might help you kindle the fires of romance

There are certain things that add just a touch of romance to getting together with that special someone. One thing in particular is a cozy spot in front of a flickering fireplace. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a fireplace, which is where Décor Flame steps in as a possible substitute.

The small fire containment unit includes fire-resistant glass that appears to encase a base of one’s choice of either stainless steel with a wood-looking surface, or plain stainless steel. The fire itself runs on bio-fuel. Whether or not the gadget actually produces any heat is questionable, but it may serve as an interesting conversation starter. Though the product is touted as being portable, it’s not clear what its measurements are. Backers might also like to check out the Lampp, the Playbulb, and the Prizim.

This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by March 17. Early bird backers get one product for $150, with an expected delivery in June of this year.