Tech Accessories

Flio blends wood, magnets to raise your laptop’s screen

Traveling and working have become evermore intertwined in the 21st century. This means more instances in which laptops must be used in awkward positions. That’s why Flio was created. The wooden laptop stand is slim, trim and very transportable. It raises and angles the keyboard for easier typing, which, in turn, lifts the monitor to a more comfortable eye level. This helps to alleviate neck and back strain that can often come when in an improvised office or studio situation. There are small magnets that hold the pieces together during transport so that they are less likely to get lost. Laptops can come in various sizes from notebook to full sized keyboard. That being said, it’s not clear if this stand will fit all sizes of laptops out there, but it looks easy enough to assemble and disassemble, and it appears that it will fit nicely in even a standard laptop case. This campaign seeks to raise €19,000 (~$23,600) by December 7, 2014. Early bird backers get the base version for €20 (~$25), with an expected delivery of January 2015.