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Flipaw makes you and your pooch Facebook friends

Many would unequivocally agree: dogs should speak. Unfortunately they don’t, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to help them do so. While truly useful versions of this technology is are still a long way off (even the NoMoreWoof is only a working prototype), it doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be had.

Give your dog a digital voice and keep up with their daily movements with the Flipaw smart collar, an accessory that sends SMS messages, posts Facebook statuses, and tweets all about a dog’s daily activities in a fun way. During setup, owners complete a short personality profile for their pooch that determine the kind of messages generated when the Flipaw triggers sensors placed around the home. Combined with variables like the location of the sensor, weather, dates, and crowdsourced data, some pretty snarky and genuinely funny messages can be generated. 2000 stories have already been drafted with many more on the way when doggy data is dished out.