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Butterfly Bluetooth thermometer lights up your life like a baby’s smile

Caring for a feverish child is a consuming process. Parents not only must keep a close watch on the child’s temperature using thermometers even during stressful times like in the middle of the night, but they also have to keep track of the all the measurements to better inform doctors of the child’s health.

Butterfly aims to make this easier to do. It’s comprised of a dime-sized temperature sensor, a base station, and a mobile iOS/Android app. The water-resistant temperature sensor can be stuck onto a child’s body to constantly gather temperature readings. These readings are sent to the base station and displayed on its small LED screen, and reflected in the three colored lights Butterfly uses to quickly inform parents at a glance. (A blue light is normal, a yellow light means elevated temperatures, and a red light means a fever.)

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Flo Bluetooth thermometer brings touch-free readings to a fever pitch

In the proximity of an uncomfortable, crying kid who can’t explain their discomfort, the only things parents want to do is determine if a fever is to blame. With the Flo, the connected Bluetooth thermometer makes it extremely simple to get that reading almost instantly.

Flo is one connected product that works even without a phone. Its most striking quality is its non-invasiveness. Users need only to point Flo’s sensor at, say, a forehead and be within 1cm to get an accurate temperature reading. Temperatures are divided into three colors for instant understanding: green for normal temperatures, red for fever, and purple for chills, all of which can be audibly read aloud for the busy, multi-tasking parent. Flo can also be pointed at objects, as well, so parents can determine if a bottle of milk is too hot or bath water is too cold.