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DNAME genetic code bracelet lets you join together with the band

DNA Me  f4ea904bf3511e9213942f724bb492e1_large[1]Ever wanted a bracelet that had your DNA code laser-engraved on it? No? Well, either way you can now buy one. DNAME is offering a completely customized bracelet that contains the DNA code of you, your loved one, or your stalking target. While it may be expensive to get your exact code, they’ll invest the time and effort to get those sequences on a clunky piece of silver jewelry for you to wear always. The only answer to why someone would want one of these is, “Why not?” One of these Italian-made DNAME bracelets will cost early backers £79 with a regular price of £89. DNAME hopes to raise £15,000 in its 30-day stint on Kickstarter.