Cell Phone Accessories

Gerp Grip takes a stand, gets a handle on your tablet

The Premise. Anyone who owned a tablet or an iPad knows that these rectangular electronic devices aren’t exactly easy to hang on to. And it’s not a good idea to drop something that costs hundreds of dollars, either — especially when the screens are prone to cracking.

The Product. The Gerp Grip combines a suction cup with what looks like a computer joystick or pistol grip. It has a locking mechanism similar to those used in many windshield mounts to ensure your device doesn’t go flying. The Gerp pulls double-duty as a handle and a stand, and it can balance on softer surfaces like couches and beds.

The Pitch. The video features some bad dubstep as intro music, a “fishbowl” effect on some of the scenes, and the narrow screen (suggesting it was filmed on a cell phone). Bad editing aside, though, it does a great job of explaining and demonstrating the product. The name of the item is a bit of a mystery and is never explained although we can assume it’s a play on a vastly misspelled version of ergonomic grip. In any case, the pitch really showcases the product and explains why someone would need it.

The Perks. Your admission ticket to the world of Gerp ownership is $25. It goes up from there, with higher donations coming with colored Gerps, and multiple Gerps.

The Potential. There are other products that can act as both a stand and a hand grip for a tablet. But while the Gerp is a bit bulky (or perhaps ergonomic), it can work with just about any smartphone or tablet that has a smooth surface. The product offers a simple solution to a common problem. Until these Gerps catch on, you might look a little awkward walking around with your tablet on a stick.