GloStep Truck Steps shed light on dark running boards

When forced to park one’s truck in a low light or no light setting, it can be painful to try to guess where to place one’s foot when entering or exiting – especially of one happens to be vertically challenged.

GloStep Truck Steps offers users the opportunity for a bit of light on those dark and perhaps stormy nights. There isn’t a great deal of information in regard to this product, and so the installation process, necessary tools for installation, and how the product works isn’t entirely clear. But backers looking for an easy way to have extra lighting at their fingertips may also want to check out the LureViewer or MuleLightOrb. Also, WakaWaka is a great emergency item to have in a truck or car.

This campaign seeks to raise $150,000. For $500, backers get one set of steps with an expected delivery of June 2015. Backers, however, may reserve their donation until they have a better idea of how the GloStep Truck Steps work.