Hand Chord lets you cheat on your bar chords and riffs

Most guitarists will admit that learning to play bar chords is one of the more difficult aspects of learning to play the guitar. However, many musicians will endure the practice and pain of learning to play them correctly because bar chords offer a fuller and richer sound than their alternatives.

Hand Chord is a noteworthy new product that offers guitarists an alternative way to play otherwise challenging bar chords. While the product is touted as being ideal for beginners insofar as it makes chords easier to play and reduces finger pain, Hand Chord may be better suited for professional musicians interested in using it for specific songs in their set.

That said, shortcuts are never ideal for anyone aspiring to become a professional or even seasoned musician. While shortcuts may suffice for hobbyists, they won’t help hone one’s ability to jam with other musicians. Musicians who enjoy new gadgets might also like to check out Capo Clips and Wallet Capo. This campaign seeks to raise $9,500 by April 30. Backers get one product for $35 with an expected delivery of June 2015.