HanSnap attaches smartphone to hand for adventurous photography, phone safety

Wowing friends and family with those daredevil adventures is at least half the fun of adventure photography. Of course, it can bring plenty of laughs, too–especially if it’s the other guy making the blunder.

HanSnap offers a smartphone camera mount that is worn on the hand. It allows a person to film themselves or it can be flipped around and used for those adventurous moments that include the group. The hand mount can also be used in a hands-free fashion by attaching it to a stable object for filming a scene or activity in the area that includes everyone. The product works with iPhone 5 and 6, and Samsung Galaxy s4 and s5.

HanSnap certainly offers an alternative way to hold your camera, making taking photos without dropping the smartphone much easier. Adventurous backers may also want to check out the GoBall, Indiglo and Cinetics campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $90,000. Early bird backers get one HanSnap for $50 with an expected delivery of May 2015.