Smart Home

Put a Gate on your front door for smart lock-level protection

The cornerstone of any truly connected home is the smart lock letting everyone that walks in know the house is indeed on the forefront of technology. And with the front door as prime real estate, many companies over the years have come up with wildly different interpretations of what the best smart lock is. Now, the Gate smart lock is up to bat and currently funding on Indiegogo.

Technically, the Gate isn’t one product, but three in one: A smart lock with key cylinder for physical entry, a keypad for coded entry and a motion-activated camera with 2-way audio and video. Together, the Gate offers users the versatility of other smart locks out there while expanding its features. Like others, users can assign temporary keys to Airbnb visitors, for instance, while its system of registered visitors help automate deliveries so that a one-time use code is sent to delivery personnel for scheduled drop-offs.

Connected Objects Safety

Haven is a brace on Earth to complement your deadbolt

Smart locks may have made a splash and added convenience to many people’s home lives, but the fact still remains that they rely on deadbolts to protect your home. It has been proven that deadbolts are an outdated form of protection because with enough force, the blunt end of a hammer and a bump key, or just simply a credit card, those who want access to your home will most certainly get it.

HAVEN is a smart lock that works by being installed at the base of a door and using the house’s own frame as the deterrent rather than a deadlock. Being made from glass reinforced nylon, aluminum and steel allows for far more protection versus other deadlock-dependent solutions, with a door in the campaign shown withstanding brute force kicks, sledgehammers and axes. When excessive force is recognized, HAVEN can turn on other connected parts of your home through Nest and Apple HomeKit compatibility and send alerts to mobile devices in response. When there isn’t trouble brewing, the product’s wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow users to digitally share keys and either locally or remotely lock their doors using their iOS or Android smartphone. Lost your phone? An online access portal can help you maintain access of your home. The people behind the HAVEN Smart Lock are looking for $150,00o to make their goal a reality, with significant stretch goals which include an A/C power add-on and wearable gesture support, to entice would-be backers. Interested people can protect their home by pledging $249 or more.

HAVEN is an shot in the arm for the smart lock market. Its robustness in protecting the home along with its connectivity and control options make its involved installation easier to bear. Other smart locks, like the August and the Goji, emphasize the social aspect rather actually protecting the home — HAVEN tells them to put their money where their mouths are.