Wooden Moku block rolls out paper for your creative pursuits

Drawing is one of those pleasures in life that provides creative release and spawns unique ideas. Such is the case with Moku. While the creator of this product loves art, he also apparently loves trees. So this product is designed to allow the user to manage their artwork in such a way that paper waste is minimized by choosing the proper size of paper for every work of art. Such kindness toward nature means that more awesome works can be created in the future without fear of using up too many trees for the paper. Since Moku is made of wood, it is a constant reminder to the artist of where their paper comes from (Who’s your mama?) just in case the paper itself was not a strong enough reminder. Moku is a great tool for creative types who routinely draw up blueprints, design furniture or doodle. It is not only simplistic, but as useful and convenient as a Saran wrap dispenser. This campaign seeks to raise $3,200 by November 3. For $66, backers get one 12” Moku in their choice of wood. Larger sizes are available at higher reward tiers. Expected delivery is currently set for November 2014.