Cleandicator solves the mystery of dishwasher load cleanliness

The Premise. Those who detest doing the dishes often see an automatic dishwasher as one of the best inventions since electricity. While it’s no longer necessary to stand at the sink and do the washing and rinsing, it’s still necessary to load and unload the dishwasher. And as busy as life gets, it can be easy to forget when the dishes are clean verses when they are dirty.

The Product. Cleandicator is a device that lets the user know when the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and when they are dirty. Basically, a bright blue floatation devise rises up into the clear cover when the dishes are clean, creating an easy-to-notice visual for the user.  The flotation device remains down when they are dirty. The device activates when water from the dishwashing cycle gets inside of the gadget. It appears to require a reset after each use.

The Pitch. While one might initially question how Cleandicator can actually be manufactured with only the requested $500 goal, backers may want to keep in mind that the only material that presently seems to be needed to create this product is the plastic. The injection mold is already built and the creators seem to have the support of the Metcalfe company. It is also unknown to what other resources the product creators may have access that will help with the creation of the product.

The Perks. This campaign doesn’t offer as many tiers as most, but backers are able to get one product for $15. Expected delivery is December 2014.

The Potential. If this product is as effective as it appears is should be, certainly any household with an automatic dishwasher would find it useful. It appears that the product fits most commercial dishwashers in the consumer marketplace. The product seems like it is easy enough to use and able to be quickly and easily observed in regard to whether or not dishes are dirty or clean. Perhaps the biggest challenge will be for whoever empties the dishwasher to remember to reset the product once a new wash cycle is started. That being said, it’s unclear if this particular product is going to be any more effective than using magnets or sticky notes, or in some cases, the built-in mechanism that many of the newer models have for helping users to remember whether or not the dishwasher has been run or not, but it does seem to have some potential.