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InfiniteUSB lets your USB cables live out their Lego dreams

Laptop users with a limited number of USB ports often run into problems when they want to connect several devices to their computer.

patent-claimedInfiniteUSB solves this problem with a daisy-chainable connector solution which allows users to connect a theoretically infinite number of devices to a laptop with just one USB port.  As a result, InfiniteUSB can ably charge multiple mobile devices while still keeping other USB ports open for important peripherals like a mouse. InfiniteUSB is compatible with iOS, Android and any other device that offers USB connectivity support. Each unit costs $21 with an expected shipment date in June. Its maker is hoping to raise $10,000 via Kickstarter by April 22.

Infinite USB holds a tremendous amount of promise, solving a problem that many computer users are all too familiar with. Its small form factor and magnetized ends allow it to be folded over, thereby making it extremely portable. One possible negative is that it’s arriving just as the industry is starting to transition to USB-C cables which allow, among other things, greater charging capability (up to 100 watts) than current USB cables. As it stands today, InfiniteUSB doesn’t support USB-C though a USB-C compatible version is in the works with a working prototype expected by April.