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Insulin Angel medication tracker watches blood sugar, keeps insulin usable

Diabetes is a common but serious disease, requiring constant vigilance on the part of the diabetic in make sure their medication is stored and used at optimal temperature. If not, it can spoil and be rendered ineffective. What’s more, keeping the medication close is of utmost importance, because losing it puts users in a precarious situation.

The Insulin Angel is a product designed to alleviate the common worries associated with diabetes by incorporating a temperature and proximity sensors into one compact, tab-like device. The Bluetooth-enabled device works in tandem with an iOS or Android companion app to keep users constantly informed about their medication’s temperature, send timed alerts as to when to administer the medication, as well as to facilitate a wireless leash to make sure users never leave their it behind.

The companion app’s medication database currently contains information on a wide range of popular insulin medication, as well as a few asthma and rheumatism medications too — with an expanding library in the works. A single Insulin Angel runs $50, and the $55,000 campaign is looking to ship the product in August of this year.

Despite its name, Insulin Angel can be used with a wide range of temperature sensitive medication no matter the affliction, an incredibly handy utility for sufferers around the world. This makes it a much more broadly capable but ultimately less focused product when compared to something like Amiko, designed specifically for asthma sufferers and as a result benefits from its narrow focus.