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It’s a blast from the British gaming past with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega

The early 80’s saw Sir Clive Sinclair release the one of the UK’s first mainstream home computer systems, the ZX Sinclair. Although its functionality included all types of programs, from spreadsheets to drawing and painting tools, it was most notable for its wide array of games and went on to be significant in the field of gaming. Over the years, many versions of the Sinclair were released with varying improvements until more dominant consoles started showing up.

Now it’s 2014, and startup Retro Computers wants to revive the past and bring it into everyone’s homes with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega. Similar to comparable Atari, Intellevision, and Colecovision flashback consoles, the ZX is a tiny box in the vein of the original design packed with over 1,000 of the console’s original games.

While it may be easily connected using composite and stereo cables, the company missed out on the opportunity to have it work with tablets, computers, and many other devices by not including Bluetooth functionality. In any case, backers can reserve their fix of grade-A nostalgia on a waitlist with a backing of £50 (~$76) as the current run of 1,000 units are all sold out. A successful campaign of £100,000 (~$155,200) will see the consoles shipped in June 2015.