Cell Phone Accessories Games offers Nintendo-like controls and battery pack in one

Gaming and smartphones go together like peanut butter and jelly, or whatever other cliché phrase is most appropriate. It makes sense, too because the kind of power a smartphone has absolutely dwarfs full consoles from the ’90s and even early 2000’s, allowing classics from the Grand Theft Auto series to be emulated pretty much without a hitch. The biggest drawback, however, is a lack of physical gamepad, a problem that relegates most smart devices as gaming novelties rather than the big draws they should be.

The unfortunately-named is a combination Bluetooth gaming pad and 2500mAh battery pack all-in-one for iPhones and iPads. While the 2500mAh battery is impressively sized, what’s more impressive is the fantastic construction of the gamepad. It offers a directional pad, two analog sticks and a complete set of shoulder buttons, allowing any gaming experience to be comfortable and enjoyable.

As portable as it may be, however, a Bluetooth gaming pad like the Game Cover seems like it would be more comfortable to tote around. In any case, the is just $59, and is expected to be shipped in April of 2015 with a successful campaign of $40,000 on Indiegogo.