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The Snowfox trackerphone keeps your little cubs safe

editors-choiceBack before the advent of smartphones, kids used to go to this thing called “outside.” In this magical place, anything was possible. There were usually other kids out there, too, and together they were only limited by their imaginations. Times have certainly changed. Now, screens dominate children’s attention at the same time, parents can’t possibly imagine their children going off to do something by themselves anymore.

At the end of the day, parents would consider letting their child explore the world by themselves, but buying them a smartphone to keep track is an expensive proposition. This is why the Snowfox, a pendant-like trackerphone designed exclusively for children, is such a cool idea. Since it has a built-in SIM card and GPS, guardians can use a companion iOS/Android app to keep an eye on their little ones, receive push notifications if they leave home or school, and even call them if need be.