FLIXI frame let you hang your pics without a single tool

Even if the majority of photos taken ultimately live on the Internet, there is still a place for them in the home. Sure, Facebook and Instagram let us swarm the globe with the everyday, but special moments deserve a more prominent and permanent location.

To make framing and hanging photos an experience that rivals hitting a Share button in its ease, Montreal-based design studio Toboggan created FLIXI. Its Wall Snap system — comprised of four springy feet, double-sided adhesive tape, and an integrated level (perhaps overkill) — lets users quickly search for a place on a wall, ensure a level frame, and set it all under a minute. Slowly pulling on a pull tab within detaches it from the wall without a trace. FLIXI frames come in a variety of sizes (4X6, 5X7, and 8X10) and colors, all of which can also stand upright or connect together to make a two-sided hinged frame or a mobile. The many options FLIXI offers naturally lends itself to many display ideas, all of which can be worked out online through the Web app Toboggan offers.


The Next Level offers pointers on how bubble levels are vial

Next LevelTraditional levels are apart of every household and workman’s toolbox. The bubble that shows evenness, however, can be frustrating at times because it’s never quite in the right place. The Next Level uses a different method for measuring flat surfaces. Instead of the bubble, the Next Level uses two pointers that, when lined up, signal a level surface. While this is definitely an interesting way to redesign the traditional level, it doesn’t seem as if it’s really that much more innovative. However, improvements on a traditional product are always welcome and the Next Level has a pretty awesome name as well. One Next Level will cost backers $49 with a Kickstarter campaign goal of $49,550.