Light Bandit captures sunlight, brightens up homes without electricity

Sunlight is incredibly important for all aspects of life, from quality of sleep to energy levels and focus throughout the day. With everyone’s general well-being as intimately connected to the amount of sunlight as it is, it’s a shame more and more people are living with less of it due to the prevalent lifestyles of the day.

The Light Bandit by Think Tekk, LLC is a box installed at a window’s edge that captures sunlight that otherwise may add unwanted levels of heat to a home, and redirects it to different parts of a user’s home with optical cables. This light can be used to provide more natural, soft lighting to darker corners, help indoor plants grow stronger, or simply for decorationall without any electricity or power whatsoever.

With a 3×3 sq ft of sunlight providing as much light as 100 bulbs, the Light Bandit can capture enough to equal about two to three bulbs at once, and multiple cables can be used at one time to brighten up different parts of the home. Unfortunately, there is nothing installed that can save the sunlight for later. The Light Bandit can be had with a $299 backing, and is expected to ship in November 2015 should Think Tekk, LLC’s campaign reach its $200,000 goal.