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CreoPop pen lets users create 3D art with UV light

CreoPopThe fascination with drawing in the air and the 3d effect that makes art seem to come to life has been an amazing journey. From the not so distant days of heated plastic and 3Doodler, to the slimmed down Lix pen that could function with either heated or cooled plastic, to today’s CreoPop that is wireless and uses only cooled plastic, it’s been an exciting development. So how does this wireless art tool allow the user to create their masterpieces? By the use of  photopolymers that are solidified using UV light. This means there is no bad smell, and that there are a multitude of color options available, some of which even glow in the dark. For $89 plus $15 for shipping, backers get a starter kit and expected delivery of March 2015.

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Lix slims down the 3D scribbler to standard pen size

lixTech-addicted early adopters and stubbornly cautious pessimists can agree on one thing: the possibilities of 3D printing are awesome. Now, a 3D printing pen, Lix, allows artists to use melted and cooled plastics to draw three-dimensional objects in real time the same way a pen would be used. If this all sound familiar, that’s because the Lix follows closely in the footsteps of the successful 3Doodler, though the latter’s campaign trades silly doodles in for the trendy European art crowd. Either way, this device looks just as capable of handling 3D art of any kind, created easily and instantly brought to life. Lix leaves its mark on the art world in December 2014 for pledges of £82 or more.