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Lock-Bot stores, releases keys for renters, AirBnB guests

Sites like HomeAway and AirBnB have facilitated the growing popularity of property rental, making it easier for owners to put their spaces up for rent and for travelers to have lots of choice pretty much anywhere they go. As progressive as these sites and the values they promote are, some aspects of the process aren’t and owners are always on the lookout for solutions to the many unique problems this new economy creates.

When you’re not in, the biggest hassle is safely getting keys to renters when you’re already gone. Think of the Lock-Bot as your own personal desk attendant for your property so you won’t have to worry again. The Wi-Fi connected lock box provides a secure place to for an owner to leave RFID-attached keys for incoming renters with mobile web access, and sends text messages alerts to both parties with check-in and check-out information. You can feel confident knowing that different codes can be set for different users so that no two codes will be alike. The company advises to mount the Lock-Bot onto a wall and its hardened aluminum construction will make sure it stays there all without you having to pay subscription fees. The device is powered by either AC or battery power, so that means users are out of luck if there’s a Wi-Fi or power outage.

The company does mention that they’re working on a four character manual switch, though, but it seems like that should’ve been baked into the original plans. The Lock-Bot comes in at $79 with an estimated delivery date of May 2015. The campaign is aiming for a goal of $100,000.