Personal Transportation

Go and stow quickly with the Elos mini-longboard

Early in the morning or directly after work are not the times one wants to walk to the bus or the train to get to work or back home. That’s why last mile solutions are so attractive: They offer a way to cut down what can be a 15 to 20 minute or more journey to something a lot more manageable.

Looking a bit like a giant guitar pick on wheels, the Elos is a tool for those last miles that offers a familiar, longboard-esque build in a much more compact frame. A few thoughtful design decisions allows users retain control without worrying about its durability. Its wide deck allows riders to easily access lots of angles when steering, while metal protection both at its front and its nose gives it the strength to last through high-speed rides. After some feet-on time with it in Elos’ backyard in Silicon Valley, we think even the balance-challenged may have a shot with it.