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Glare be gone with the Loplin Hood MacBook screen protector

There isn’t much more of a first world problem than trying to use a MacBook outdoors, or anywhere with lots of light for that matter. The screen’s sheer inability to cope with it turns what should be a portable device into a device that can only really be used indoors, unfortunately limiting its utility. The anti-glare option is available for the MacBook line, but its exorbitant price renders it optional for wanting to buy one.

WN Products Limited has figured out an effective, easy way to address the issue of extreme glare and created the Loplin Hood as a result. The product is a snap-on hood for the 13″ MacBook Air or the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro that uses the screen’s own magnets to stay connected. Weighing in at an airy 35 grams, the custom-made hood blocks aggressive light and prevents nosy types from getting a glance at the screen.

The £33 (~$52) Loplin Hood promises the possibility of outdoor usage for MacBook users while still being extremely portable, all the while not leaving any pesky air bubbles, an enticing prospect. Still, newer Mac models do offer Retina Display which really cuts down on glare anyway. Loplin Hood has an expected ship date of April 2015 should it reach its £30,000 (~$47,200) goal.