LOST AND FOUND helps find misplaced items without the infomercial pitch

Items like keys, remotes, and remote controllers all have a penchant for being easily misplaced. It certainly goes without saying that constantly having to search for such items can be extremely annoying. The problem is compounded when those who aren’t particularly tech savvy have to rely on smartphone and app-centric solutions for help.

The LOST AND FOUND universal paging devices makes it possible for anyone to locate misplaced items with easy, all without having to configure any apps. The LOST AND FOUND base station is mounted on a wall beside a washable board on which users can write their five most frequently lost items. This list corresponds with up to five battery-powered tags that can be attached to those items. To help find a misplaced item, the LOST AND FOUND is set to its respective number, a button a pressed, and the matching tag will beep loudly to draw attention to its location. The product has a range of 80ft, but can be taken out of its dock to find items outside the home as well.

A LOST AND FOUND base station and two tags can be purchased for $24, just in time for Christmas 2015. The LOST AND FOUND campaign is looking for $11,941 in funding by May 9.

LOST AND FOUND looks like the type of product that would be found in stores alongside Made for TV type products, but that’s exactly where its greatest strength lies. Its unconnected nature is arguably more appealing to a wider array of people than products like HIRO that can end up confusing folks rather than helping them.