The Nanda Pivoting Gutter System rains gutter gunk down upon you with nature’s mushy fury

Cleaning out gutters is one of the most tedious tasks that homeowners face. Not only is it disgusting seeing what gets scooped up, but it can also be quite dangerous.

In order to combat safety hazards, the Nanda Pivoting Gutter System offers a clever solution. Instead of forcing homeowners to climb up to the gutters, Nanda works with hinges and a pole to bring the gunk down with gravity’s help. The gutters remain upright until they’re tugged on by the accompanying pole. When the pole, which can reach up to two stories, is used the gutters flip, pouring their contents down.

All in all, Nanda provides a clever solution to a common problem, which is all a backer can really ask for. It’s great for older people who don’t want to climb up ladders to clean out their gutters. The campaign provides a helpful photo story of an old man getting hurt on his quest up a ladder, which is actually a little bit more comical than educational. The only question left is: Will the pole be long enough to avoid a gutter contents shower?

For their own, backers can donate $3,000 which will get them the system for a house 2,500 sq ft or under in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virgina only. Estimated delivery is currently set for December 2016 and Nanda is looking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Automotive Connected Objects

Drivebot joins the car diagnostics club

It’s interesting to see the types of emotions we harbor towards the vehicles in our lives. We silently appreciate their hard and diligent work taking us where we need to go everyday until the day comes where they breaks down, where we then proceed to generate a maelstrom of foul language and intense hatred for forcing us to spend ridiculous sums of money to fix them.

Although having a car is heavy financial responsibility, with the Drivebot it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Billed as a Fitbit for your car, the Bluetooth-enabled dongle connects to your car’s On-Board Diagnostic II port and continuously monitors problems in their earliest stages before they become worse, ballooning in cost. It also helps by reminding you of maintenance requirements and analyzing your driving patterns to save you time, gas, and money. Onboard flash storage stores two months of trip data which can be exported as documents to claim taxes on, tacking on the savings. For $75, the Drivebot can be yours in February of 2015. The campaign is attempting to reach a $35,000 goal.