The MatrixSphere provides your own movable mancave

The Premise. Sometimes, we just want to get away from it all. Sometimes, we want to go far away, to experience distant lands, to perhaps make a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. And sometimes, argues Ryan Rammage of Aurora, CO, we would be content to sit in a circular, modern-day arcade cabinet in the middle of another room.

The Product. A little room-within-a-room, the audaciously named and potentially underlit MatrixSphere is its own self-contained space for reflection, work, gaming and whatever else you might want to do seated in your own private, stationery vessel. The size of an average round dining room table propped up on its side, it resembles a spaceship, or perhaps a time machine that can be decked out to while away the hours with your favorite game console, PC or language lab video.

The Pitch, The one-angle campaign shows a great deal of photos of the planning and design process, but offers little in terms of ideas about what it might be like to actually spend time inside of it; interior shots are relegated to photos around the campaign page that include many details of the MatrixSphere’s construction.

The Perks. If there’s one thing that makes the MatrixSphere more of a novelty item, though, it’s the price. Starting at $5,000 for a single unit, due to be delivered in March 2014. That price includes the privilege of seeing the personal fortress of solitude created although travel is on your own dime.

The Potential. For those who are looking for ways in which to take their home office to an entirely new level, the MatrixSphere might serve as a good purchase. But at its insanely high price, one could probably hire a carpenter to create something similar and more customized.