Zumby becomes a weapon in the war on dog breath

Dogs have bad breath, though research shows their mouths are cleaner than ours. Ew. Even so, dogs still get gum disease, just like humans do. Regular brushing can prevent this, but it’s unlikely that owners will get a chance to brush their dog’s teeth everyday. Playing around, however, is another matter. That’s why the folks at Zumby have created a toy that not only entertains your dog, but cleans their teeth as well. Using vague-sounding micro-current technology, harmful bacteria is killed all without the dog knowing.

According to the campaign, this technology works on humans as well. It begs the question: why aren’t the Zumby people making a human version? Still, this clever product is great for dog lovers who can’t bear to watch their pooches suffer. One Zumby will set backers back $50 for delivery in April 2015. This product is looking to met a $35,000 goal on Indiegogo.