Connected Objects

Smart Scribe smart pen is smart enough to write on a whiteboard

The ability of smart pens to automatically sync everything written with one to a mobile device or computer in easy-to-read text can be very handy –- especially if the paper something is written on becomes lost.

Smart Scribe is another entry in the growing product category: an e-pen that can record handwriting and drawings. One thing that separates it from some rival products is that it can work on a whiteboard. Smart Scribe recognizes what users write by their handwriting and automatically converts it into digital information, sending what’s written to a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Mimoto Smart Pen can send scribblings to tablets, work as stylus

mimotosmartpenThe smart pen was a technological step forward that came with multiple steps backward. Touchy sensors and weird behaviors turned something that could have been a game changer into a novelty at best. Like major competitors Livescribe and its close technology cousin Equil, the Mimoto Smart Pen is a refinement on the smart pen that offers it additional functionality. By clipping a screen frame and changing the tip of the pen to something that won’t leave permanent damage, the Mimoto Smart Pen can be used as a stylus on non-touch screen displays, and the demo in the pitch video makes it look like an exceptionally good stylus at that. One key will be creating integration with popular apps as Livescribe has done with Evernote. The prototype version is available in August for backers who pledge $129, and more advanced models are also available.