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MiracleFone fake call device may help you hang up with Chatty Cathy

Nothing can take away a big chunk of productive time like an unwanted conversation. Whether it’s someone coming into the office to kill time they don’t want to spend on work or bumping into someone on the street that one would rather avoid, there needs to be an easy way out. MiracleFone is disguised as a key fob like those used to remotely unlock or lock a car, but its function is much different. With three different buttons, MiracleFone can dial one of three pre-programmed numbers. There would be a pause so that nobody can link the button press with the phone call, and then owners have a way out.

MiracleFone operates on Bluetooth with most major smartphone brands and models. Inventor Mike Miracle needs $10,000 worth of support due to a change in Bluetooth technology that rendered his previous stock obsolete with newer phones. Backers can grab a MiracleFone to save them for $25 in February 2015. It almost seems like a novelty item you’d get a joke store, but for those that don’t want to be rude but want to be left alone, there’s plenty of reason to get a MiracleFone.