BuildYourRocket lets you achieve liftoff on your own terms

Building model rockets has been a great way to learn about science, bond by working together as a team, and do something that’s genuinely breathtaking for decades. With BuildYourRocket, owners can customize their own rocket not just with paint jobs, but with the actual rocket itself. From nose cone to nozzle, the BuildYourRocket rockets are easy to assemble and disassemble. This means that a broken rocket can be easily fixed, and experimentation can be done to use the right parts for the best flight.

Expansions are also planned for the BuildYourRocket line to join multiple kits together to make a bigger, more intense launch. Developed by Robert W Dunn, the BuildYourRocket project is looking to raise $10,000 to fund the manufacturing of the kits and development of more add-ons and accessories. The kits themselves start at just $10, and should be delivered in October 2014. Model rocket enthusiasts may be dismissive of the 3-D printed parts and sacrilege of a customizable design, but those getting started in the hobby or those who love the build more than anything else will love building and rebuilding with BuildYourRocket kits.