Reading Technology

Illumina XL seeks to light up the e-reader market with greater variety

Amazon’s pioneering Kindle leads among several popular e-readers on the market. But most of them require users to buy e-books from the device manufacturer’s own online store.

Illumina XL is an 8-inch Android-based e-reader that uses e-ink technology just like the Kindle Paperwhite and a few other premium e-readers. But Illumina XL allows its users to select from a wide range of apps, including Kindle, to buy e-books. Unlike most other current e-readers, Illumina XL also supports the MP3 audio format, so users can listen to audio books and music. It’s equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack.


Geek Wave offers portable high-quality audio without sacrificing storage

geekwaveThe iPod made portable music players accessible to the masses and really launched the mass market for portable computing products. Unfortunately, most of them focus more on storage than on sound quality. Like PonoMusic and the Astell&Kern AK100, the Geek Wave places a much larger emphasis on sound quality than most other commercial portable music players. With up to 2 TB of storage space and compatible with every file type from 32 bit MP3 to DSD 128, the Geek Wave can deliver music any way users want it, from millions of tracks to thousands of the best-sounding audio around. The Geek Wave 64 player is expected out in March 2015 and is available for $269.