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NailbonE gets into a dirty scrape with institutional fingernail cleaners

We all get that gunk under our fingernails and it’s always hard to get rid of. There are tools out there dedicated to this task, but not all are gentle enough and some may even cut you. The NailbonE’s aim is to get that dirt out from underneath your nails. It uses several bits in varied diameters to fit under different sized nails. These bits are cone shaped so that they don’t go too far under the nail. NailbonE is reusable and can simply be washed with soap and water after each use.

With no clear photograph or image of the product in the video, it’s hard to see what it looks like to judge its effectiveness. However, despite this lack, you should definitely check out the campaign video. It features a date scene with the creator playing all the parts. Clearly he didn’t find dressing in drag any kind of drag. For a $25 donation, backers can expect their own NailbonE by March 2015. This nail tool is looking to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter.