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Menopod aims to cool off women’s hot flashes

The Premise. Women of menopausal age suffer hot flashes and night sweats before, during and even years after menopause. For anyone who has experience overheating at any point in their lives (so, yes, everyone), they know how extremely uncomfortable it is. Cooling down from a rush of heat can be challenging and especially inconvenient at night.

The Product. The aptly named Menopod is a cooling device for menopausal women (though others might find it useful as well). This little pod uses copper pads that, when activated, lower down to a temperature of around 41°F. It was designed to contour to the back of the neck so that, when applied, it cools the user down. The product itself is white and slightly resembles a computer mouse. For charging, it uses a USB cable that plugs right into any computer or USB wall outlet. 

The Pitch. Menopod’s creators do quite well in the video of keeping it classy while discussing what some may call a touchy subject. Doctors and menopausal women, along with their husbands, discuss the discomforts of hot flashes and the relief they get from Menopod. The product’s tagline “Keeping hot women cool” is especially funny. This cool device from Toronto is looking to raise $35,000 in a two month Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. For hot early birds, the Menopod costs $145 with a protective case. At a regular price, women can enjoy the pod for $175. All tiers have an estimated delivery date of October 2014. Tiers reach up to $2,600.

The Potential. Other personal cooling devices are out there like mini fans and ice packs. For example, the Coldfront consists of little pads that freeze for 12 hours and then stay cool as you carry them around all day. They’re even recommended by Oprah. However, these are really only good for a single use type of situation and require preparation in the fridge. The Menopod needs only to be charged and then it’s good to go. It also doesn’t involve any ice, fans or freezers making it more convenient than any other option. For hot women, or even athletes, the Menopod is a great option for cooling down.