Noon Blinds lets homes see and feel the light in fun patterns and colors

Window blinds come in a vast variety of colors, materials, sizes and shapes. It’s tricky to decide on which one to buy, especially when they all typically do the same thing.

Noon Blinds takes the everyday set of shades and puts a spin on them. The window shading system has holes in it of different shapes (polka dots, stars, and grids), and also comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, black, beige, gray and white. Any light that pours through is spattered into the room through cool designs. Increased airflow means that fresh air is allowed into the room as well. According to the campaign, the inspiration for Noon Blinds comes from the ornate windows in old estates and castles.

There is definitely a niche market for this product. Any creative type will certainly jump at the chance to purchase Noon Blinds. Others may find the patterns a little annoying. Still, Noon Blinds should keep going with the idea and produce more shapes—and especially colors—since its current offerings are a little boring. For one 24” x 118” blind in their choice of color, backers must donate $12 to the Kickstarter campaign, which is looking for $8,700 in funding by March 12.